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These are my most recent photos.
Mourning DoveOregon JuncoOregon JuncoSteller's JaySteller's JayDowny WoodpeckerSpotted TowheeSpotted TowheeSpotted TowheeSpotted Towhee and Mourning DoveNorthern Red-Shafted FlickerCassin's FinchHouse FinchGray SquirrelEuropean StarlingVaried ThrushMt ShastaSnow GeeseSong SparrowAmerican Robins

Guestbook for Recent Photos
Debby Parker(non-registered)
Enjoyed going through your recent photos. I see you use Nikon camera.
George Burnett(non-registered)
Beautiful as always!!! You do great work.
Pat Mark(non-registered)
These are gorgeous Barb. so happy to hear that you are enjoying your new home so much. Happy New Year.
Mike Liskay(non-registered)

You obviously had a great trip to the Sacramento area! And you captured a remarkable variety of critters!

well done

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