Barbara Scoles Photography | Outside Our Door in Tigard Oregon
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We live in the great Northwest backed up to a greenbelt with a creek. So we have a pretty wonderful diversity of wildlife that visits our yard. We love sitting on the deck and being surprised by different birds showing up, like the pileated woodpecker. All of these photos were taken on our small piece of property.
Pileated WoodpeckerPileated WoodpeckerPileated WoodpeckerPileated WoodpeckerPileated WoodpeckerRufous HummingbirdRufous HummingbirdRufous HummingbirdComet GoldfishVaried ThrushVaried ThrushVaried ThrushAnnas HummingbirdBushtitJuncoRed Breasted NuthatchRed Breasted NuthatchVaried ThrushRed Breasted NuthatchRed Breasted Nuthatch