Meredith Hoffman(non-registered)
Inspired by your amazing photography and grateful for your contributions to save our precious wildlife and birds of the Klamath Basin! Thank you Gerry and Meredith
Craig Strand(non-registered)
Sitting and enjoying your Gallery collection of wildlife photo's is such a delight. I love all the work you have put into upgrading what was already a favorite site and is now one of the best presented in the country!
The public is lucky they can peruse your collection and not have to pay a "cover charge!"
Gayle Stokes(non-registered)
Found your website as a result of a friend of a friend of a friend's posting on Facebook :) -- saw that you lived in Klamath Falls and seem to like the same photography as my husband and I do (we live in Jacksonville, OR) -- I LOVE your photographs. You have caught some amazing moments, and have a great eye. Thank you for sharing them on zenfolio!
Nancy Quigg and David Koch(non-registered)
Barbara, thanks for the link. Stunning, very stunning.
Geoff Wilson Capt. Alaskan Story; Alaska Yacht Charters(non-registered)

These are simply beautiful. I am so happy to have been a little teeny part of some of them.
Renee' Klettke(non-registered)
Your photos are exquisite Barbara!
Ralph Breitenstien(non-registered)
It just gets better and better!!!!!!!
Jo Duthie(non-registered)
Barbara, it was so nice to meet you and Harry, and I must say, perusing your site has been an extravaganza! Wow! I love every photo! You have an eye and your artistry behind the lens is wonderful! Thank you!
These are so beautiful Barbara.
Joyce LaCasse(non-registered)

As always your pictures are wonderful and bring the wildlife to reality. I love looking at them and share them with Wayne and my children. You do remarkable work and you can tell that you really love doing this.

Hope we can get together sometime.
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