Barbara Scoles Photography | William L Finley Wildlife Refuge
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The William L Finley Wildlife Refuge is located just south of Corvallis in Oregon. It is over 5000 acres and absolutely beautiful. There are marshlands, forests, rolling hills, ponds and open grasslands. And yes..there is abundant wildlife as well.
Barn SwallowBarn SwallowsBarn SwallowsBarn SwallowsBarn SwallowsYellow WarblerYellow WarblerYellow WarblerHoney BeeOrange Crowned WarblerRufous HummingbirdRufous HummingbirdFemale Evening GrosbeakAcorn WoodpeckerRufous HummingbirdWild MallowMt Hood From the Finley National Wildlife RefugeAmerican BitternFemale Red Winged Blackbird With Food for Her BabiesWestern Tanager