Barbara Scoles Photography | Cooper Mt Nature Park
22 photos

The Cooper Mt Nature Park just opened at the end of June this year. It is in Beaverton Oregon. It is a wonderful place with breathtaking views and a great diversity of wildlife. A very welcome addition to our area!
Bewick's WrenSwainson's ThrushWestern Wood PeeweeWestern Wood PeeweeWestern Wood PeeweeWestern Wood PeeweeWhite Crowned Sparrows MatingWhite Breasted NuthatchWhite Breasted NuthatchMourning DoveWhite Tailed DeerWestern Tiger SwallowtailImmature Western Bluebird?White Tailed DeerWhite Tailed DeerBlack Headed GrosbeakAmerican GoldfinchBlack Capped ChickadeeBlack Capped ChickadeeBlack Capped Chickadee