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A great place to see birds and other wildlife Arizona has to offer. You just never know what you will see. Watch your step and stay on the trails, there are rattlesnakes here as in most place in Arizona. But they tend to avoid people.
Common GoldeneyeClark's GrebeCowboy Packin' Heat and a CatfishWestern Diamondback RattlesnakeWestern Diamondback RattlesnakeWestern Diamondback RattlesnakeLizardBill Williams National Wildlife RefugeBarrel CactusAmerican CootPink Fairy DusterAnnas HummingbirdAnnas HummingbirdCommon Side-Blotched LizardCommon Side-Blotched LizardPurple FlowersCommon Side-Blotched LizardSaguaro CactusSaguaro Cactus