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Modified 12-Apr-22
Created 30-Apr-09
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These photos have all been taken in or near the Koll Center Wetlands Park in Beaverton Oregon. We are thrilled to find such a diversity of wildlife within a business park in the middle of town. Everyone who discovers it is pleasantly surprised by it.

Guestbook for Koll Center Wetlands Park, Beaverton
David Collin(non-registered)
Wow! What a lot of great pictures! Your photography is excellent, Barbara, and the collection shows what a great wildlife resource the Koll Wetlands is.
Mike Liskay(non-registered)
Lovely gallery here. The variety, action and quality are enviable!

BTW, I took your advice at the Photo Society meeting and paid a visit to Nimbus/Koll this AM. Rookery action was fun.
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