Barbara Scoles Photography | Montana
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Created 19-Oct-12
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All of the photos in this album, except the big horn sheep, were taken at a game farm in Montana. I had mixed feelings about going to a game farm but I thought I would give it a try. I have to admit, I still have mixed feelings. The animals seem to be treated well, healthy and don't cower around the handlers. I couldn't resist it when a friend of mine told me how close I could get to these gorgeous animals, so I went. Not sure I will do it again even though I enjoyed the experience of having baby foxes stepping on my toes. I much prefer seeing and photographing critters in the wild, but never would have gotten all of these in the wild in my lifetime, except for the birds, they were wild. And that's probably ok too.
Swallowtail ButterflyRuby-crowned KingletRuby-crowned KingletWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupWolf PupsWolf PupWolf PupsWolf PupsWolf PupWolf PupWolf and PupsWolf and PupsWolf and Pups